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Distribution of 4,000 Face Shields to Community in Bidibidi Zone 1 and 2

25th September 2021

With support from our Partner Field Ready, we were able to distribute 4,000 Face Shields to the Community in Bidibidi. Our requet for PPEs through the NeedsList were met by Field Ready

We received the Face Shields on 24th August from Takataka Plastics in Gulu and started distribution of the face Shields started on 30th August

Problem Statement

For the refugee who relies on relief food to survive, have had a devastating socio-economic effect on their lives due to Covid-19. The lockdown measure has contributed to 70% of small businesses failing and hence affecting the socio-economic activities for the women. This year the rainfall was delayed and there was a drought between June to July that led to many crops that refugees and host community planted to dry off and hence the climate change has added more to the food insecurity. Last year the government of Uganda distributed face masks to the host community and refugees but some of these masks are won out, got lost. Since then, the host community has never replenished face masks, yet partners have given some to refugees. This is causing the host community to complain that they are not considered and is a potential source of conflicts because the host community feels they are neglected in the distribution The increased number of community infections, shortages of masks as well as poor quality of masks, the cost of the quality masks are unaffordable for the Persons of Concerns. Cumulative samples collected for investigation by 7th September 2021 was 8,873. And Cumulative total positives = 793 (23 new cases in the last 1 week (down from 36 in the previous week); average of 0.8 positive tests per day down from 5.1 previous week). Recovered = 562; Active = 184(24 in Lokopio CTU & 160 on Home Based Care, HBC); Deaths = 21 (1 death in the last 1 week). Categories of those infected: Health workers = 68, Students = 9 including 1 from Kyambogo University, Pupils = 2, Teachers = 5, the rest are other community members. There is a daily increase of infection and death rate Yumbe District and in Bidibidi, more especially among the host community and this is putting the district at risk. With the ease of the second lockdown, many refugees and host communities are travelling outside the settlement and they need face masks for protection. With lessons learnt from the recent lockdown that restricted movement between border districts, the community must be empowered to locally produce face masks, sanitizer, liquid soap and other PPEs to prepare for further lockdown that may come. Instead of procuring face masks from Arua and Kampala, we need to establish a local based solution that will allow the community to produce their products to reduce all costs related to procurement from outside and to guarantee the production of face masks during the lockdown. 

INTRODUCTION MAIN OBJECTIVE To mitigate the spread of covid -19 among the host and refugee community. 

Target group The target groups listed below were decided by the project team in consultation with the Assistant Commandant of the settlement and he suggested the following groups below; 

  • Market vendors & Bodaboda Riders
  • Office of the prime minister, Balakala town council and Romogi sub county
  • Newly Congolese refugees brought to the settlement.
  • ECD, Primary &secondary teachers
  • Medical staffs & casual workers
  • Refuge leaders, child protection committees, water user committees & Village Heath Teams
  • Police, Restaurant workers, Community Radio staffs.
  • Humanitarian workers i.e. UNHCR field staffs, Afri-youth, Otuho community Initiative.

Summary of the Distribution 

Female children from age 5-17           355 face shields 

Male Children from age 5-17              236 face shields 

Females from age 18-49                      1,264 Face Shields 

Males from age 18-49                         1,331 Face Shields 

Female age 50 and above                    417 Face Shields 

Males age 50 and above                      397 Face Shields

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