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Distribution of face mask to the vulnerable children, single mothers and persons with special need at Bidibidi Refugee Settlement

17th August 2021

On 10th August 2021, I CAN South Sudan started distribution of the 3,211 face masks that were produced locally by single mothers from both the refugee and host community.

The face mask were given to the Romogi Sub County for them to give to the Local Councils (LC1) at the Sub county for distribution to the vulnerable children and single mothers from the host community. More face masks were taken to Bidibidi Zone 2 to be given to our I CAN Children in Zone 2 and some single mothers

On Monday 16th August 2021, face masks were distributed at Iyete health Facility to pregnant mothers, all mothers at the facility at that time and to the health staff. More will be distributed at the remaining 2 health facilities in Bidibidi Zone 1

We are continuing the distribution of the face mask to the Congolese Refugees who were recently brought to Zone 1 at Village 12 and we shall distribute to the Persons with Special needs through their leaders

The aim of this face mask distribution is to provide protection against Covid-19 to the vulnerable community to allow them access servces and the different community centers without limitation and the goal is to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 among the community in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement

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