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Distribution of Reusable Sanitary to Students during the Holidays

Begining on 3rd August 2022, we distributed 2,000 Reusable Sanitary Pads to outgoig school young girls as a measure for protecting them against sexual exploitation and to help them maintain their menstrual hygiene

(a)Objectives: To distribute Reusable Sanitary Pads to young adolescent girls for their menstrual hygiene and protection from Sexual Exploitation 

Background I CAN South Sudan (ICSS) is a multi-sector Non-Governmental Organization devoted to advancing the well-being of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Returnees and Refugees, with a special focus on vulnerable children and women. I CAN South Sudan is a Refugee-Led Organization registered in Uganda's Bidibidi Refugee Settlement Zone 1, Yumbe District. Field Ready is an INGO that support equips the humanitarian community with the knowledge of what works, so people affected by crises get the right help when they need it most. I CAN South Sudan signed Memorandum of Understanding with Field Ready in 2021 and since then have been able to distribute Face shields, Hand sanitizers, Face Mask and get training on how to produce Hand Sanitizers This time, Field Ready has sent to us 2,000 packets of Reusable Sanitary Pads and 500 Surprised Soap to be distributed to be distributed to the community and more specific, the schools. 

Objectives of the workshop 

  • To mitigate the risk of sexual exploitation among adolescent young school girls
  • To encourage hand washing among children
  • To maintain girls menstrual hygiene

  Target Group 

  • Girls Age 12 to 17 years Old
  • I CAN Children
  • ECD
  • Refugee and Host Community

 Target Schools 

  • Valley View Secondary School
  • Barakala Secondary School
  • Twajiji Primary School
  • Rockland Primary School
  • Ariju Primary School
  • Ofonje Primary School
  • Twajiji Hope Primary School
  • Barakala Primary School
  • Obero Primary School
  • Ebenezer Secondary School

 Timeframe and deadlines: Distribution will be done this week from 2nd  to 5th August 2022 

Expectations  -Reduction in girl child pregnancy -Improved savings for the parents

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