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I CAN South Sudan conducts Community Dialogue in Bidibidi to Solve Conflict between Youth from Host and Refugee Community

Peaceful Coexistence

On 9th November 2022, I CAN South Sudan conducted a Community Dialogue in Bidibidi to help youth resolve their differenece

Few weeks back there was a big fight in Bidibidi Zone 1 between the Refugee youth and Host Community. The fight that started in a video Hall sparked and spread into the village with almost an attempt to torch the houses around. Luckily enough OPM and Police came to the rescue.Today we organized a Dialogue between the youth to harmonize the situation and create an environment for peaceful Coexistence. Important issues came up from the youth and the dialogue was informative and successful. We thank our partners Oxfam in Uganda and Oxfam IBIS - Sammen mod ulighed for their continuous funding towards peace building 

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