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I CAN South Sudan Led the International Day of Peace Celebration in Bidibidi Zone 1

25th September 2021

As part of the joint celebration of International Peace Day in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, I CAN South Sudan selected to lead preparation for Zone 1 conducted a dialogue and Road drive on 17th September 2021 to mark the day with online event and planting of trees scheduled for 21st September 2021.  

Objectives  To have a common understanding of peace, the causes of conflicts in Bidibidi Zone 1 and suggest a common solution towards building a peaceful community 

Target Groups 

  • RWCs
  • Women Group
  • Youth leaders
  • Host Community leaders
  • Religious leaders from both refugee and host community

1. Dialogue Key points and deliberation1. What is your understanding of peace? 

  • Presence of justice
  • Mutual understanding of living in harmony in a society.
  • Living without  war
  • Love & harmony in the community.
  • Stress Free State of insecurity.
  • Settling issues without violence.
  • Freedom of expression

 2. What are the dividers that cause tension and violence between refugees and the host community and among the refugees?Tension; Tension; the act of stretching or straining. The state of being stretched or strained. Mental or emotional strain; intense, suppressed suspense, anxiety, or excitement. A strained relationship between individuals, groups, nations, etc. Violence;behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.   Dividers between refugees and the host community 

  • Imbalanced Unemployment opportunities
  • Shared resources not equally distributed
  • Stray animals
  • Inadequate service delivery
  • Injustice in ruling of cases
  • Cultural differences
  • Land issues
  • Religious differences

 Between refuges & refuges 

  • Difference in religion
  • Intermarriages
  • Land
  • Difference in culture

 3. What circumstances or situations can lead to misunderstanding between refugees and host community and among the refugees?Same points mentioned above. 4. Discuss the events that have the potential to connect communities of diverge backgrounds to embrace unity in diversity. 

  • Cultural galas
  • Strengthening of community centers
  • Games and sports
  • Community dialogues
  • Organizing/strengthening of debates and peace clubs
  • Promoting the minority tribes into leadership
  • Recognizing outstanding personalities i.e. leaders
  • Skilling programs

 5. How do you perceive your relationship with the host community [in the last 9 months of 2021] and how can the relationship be improved if it is not the best? The relationship is now good. It can be improved through community dialogues and improving on service delivery. 6. In your opinion, what would you wish to be done by the authorities in South Sudan to see peace prevail in the young nation? 

  • Unified Army
  • Federal system of governance
  • Call an end of tribalism
  • Foreign countries to take over
  • Peace talks
  • Disarming of people
  • Call for the intervention of the African Union.
  • Call for quitting of current leaders to leave power
  • Teaching of people about democracy

 7. Who are most key stakeholders you will run to in case you have a misunderstanding/conflict with a neighbor? 

  • Neighbors
  • Fellow RWCs
  • Paralegals
  • Organizations
  • Women committees

  8. Is there any impact brought by the various peace actors (Partner NGOs) in relation to peace in your community in the zone, and explain any additional thing which could be done to bring peace between Refugees and Host community?            

YES, community dialogues, games and sports and capacity building on peace. 

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