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Our New Child Protection Officer Meets the I CAN Children

Our Newly recruited Child Protection Officer Ms. Apio Fiona Nam on 16th September started meeting different I CAN Children to listen to them and build personal relationship with them. She visited them at their homes and talk to them in person.

In 2017, we began the organization with 20 children age 5-16 years old. Some of these children are clocking 18 years old and moving to youth age. Hence this year I CAN South Sudan is selecting a selection of new cohort of unaccompanied refugee children and host community. Our target are Unaccompanied Refugee Children and Orphans from both host and refugee community. Hence, we will select 5 children from each 14 villages of Bidibidi Zone 1 (3 girls and 2 boys), we will select 10 Children from the host community with the help of Romogi Sub-County so that they can join and work together with the Refugee Children. This is to build unity between host and refugee community.

Ms. Fiona went on to conduct meeting with OPM, UNHCR and World Vision on the selection of these Children. We appreciated the collaboration of Child Protection Partners in helping us identifying the right unaccompanied children registered in the system. 

With funds from Oxfam, we will engage these children in life skills training, music drama and dance, art and drawing programs, story telling sessions and community awareness programs

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