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Selection of New Cohort of Unaccompanied Refugee Children

In collaboration with Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) Refugee Desk, UNHCR, IRC, World Vision and Community Leaders, I CAN South Sudan selected new cohort of unaccompanied refugee children to add to previous 50 children we had under our organization. 

Here are our Centers for Children in Bidibidi Zone 1: Cluster 2 Center, Cluster 1 Center, Cluster 3, Iyete Center (for host communities) and the Children Center at Bidibidi Zone 1 at village 4

We provide a safe space for vulnerable children by bringing them together across tribes and communities, assisting children to network, socialize, and freely share their problems, keeping children connected to their culture and heritage, and assisting them in maintaining their identity. We also give children the opportunity to participate in advocacy for their rights and for peace, as well as to cultivate and develop their talents, raise awareness, and heal from trauma. Our areas of involvement with children are as follows. Music, dance and drama Epressive Art and Drawing Comedy Bible study Storytelling Sports Life skills training Public Speaking Sex education Counselling, healing and guideince

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