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I CAN Launches Peace Building Project

 _By Moses Philliph D Sakondo_ 

 _PR Manager- I CAN South Sudan_ 


I CAN South Sudan has today launched a peace building initiative in Bid iBidi Refugee Settlement, Zone 1which aims at engaging Refugees in sets of activities that will increase tolerance and promote coexistence to address the structural sources of conflicts in the refugee community and host communities, addressing ethnic and political cleavages among refugees, and eliminating idleness among the youth in the settlements as a strategy for conflict mitigation.

The project is funded by Oxfam Uganda and it’s set to run for a month commencing from today 9th December 2019and ending on 20th December 2019 with a football tournament and live performance from I CAN Kids and Ugandan Star J.M Kennedy. 

Other activities to be implemented include, I CAN Kids recording a Peace song with JM Kennedy, Recording a Peace song by Refugee artists, Media Campaign on Radio Pacis and Spirit FM Koboko, Inter Cluster football tournament in Zone 1, Community outreach. 

I CAN South Sudan is a refugee led organization started in October 2017 with the aim of engaging unaccompanied South Sudan Refugee children in social and musical activities so as to heal them of trauma. Develop their skills and give them voice to advocate for their rights and peace.

Our Mission is to inculcate a sense of meaning, purpose and hope in the lives of musically talented unaccompanied refugee children living in refugee settlements in Northern Uganda.

Our goal is to build unity, love and harmony among South Sudanese Refugee Children and give them a voice through music to stand for their rights and instill reconciliation, forgiveness and peace among refugee

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