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Unaccompanied South Sudan refugee children in Bidibidi Refugee Camp in Uganda release music album

I-Can South Sudan are delighted to announce the release of an album of songs by refugee children from South Sudan who are now living in the Bidi-Bidi refugee camp, Uganda.
Many children arrive at Bidi-Bidi as orphans, or have been separated from their parents by the armed conflict that has torn their homeland apart.  Funded by a grant from Misereor, the German Catholic Bishops' Organisation for Development Cooperation, the aim of I-Can is to give these children a friendship network, to provide meaning, hope and purpose, and to give them a proud and strong voice.  
I-Can is currently helping 20 unaccompanied refugee children for 6 months.  The charity’s programme includes musical coaching with an emphasis on group work, building individual confidence and creating links of friendship between the children, who come from both sides of the tribal conflict in South Sudan.  After weeks of work, the children were then recorded in a professional studio, an experience which has taken them outside of the refugee camp, giving them back their dignity and confidence.
However, the programme desperately needs help to secure further funding to develop and extend its programme of activities for this vulnerable group.  By playing or writing about these songs, you can help in a very real way to spread the word about I-Can’s activities.

Get these songs on the streaming soundcloud link on this website

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