Safe Space for Vulnerable Children

We provide a safe space for vulnerable children by bringing them together across tribes and communities, assisting children to network, socialize, and freely share their problems, keeping children connected to their culture and heritage, and assisting them in maintaining their identity. We also give children the opportunity to participate in advocacy for their rights and for peace, as well as to cultivate and develop their talents, raise awareness, and heal from trauma. Our areas of involvement with children are as follows. 1. Music, dance and drama 2. Epressive Art and Drawing 3. Comedy 4. Bible study 5. Storytelling 6. Sports 7. Life skills training 8. Public Speaking 9. Sex education 10. Counselling, healing and guideince Hence, safe space for the vulnerable children is our area of priority to develop them holistically for a better prospect for adult life

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Peace Building, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

We are working towards building peace at the grass root level between the local communities starting from households level to the community, the region, the country and the world at large. The first step to peace is through providing mental health and psychosocial support and hence this is integrated into all our peace building approach

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Livelihood Support for Single Mothers

We train single mothers in Entrepreneurship and Business Skills and give them startup capital

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Advocacy Program

Giving vulnerable children voice and platform to advocate for their rights and Peace through Music, Drama, Public Speaking and Drawing art, documenting and follow up on cases in regards to child abuse, Counseling and mentoring children, Educating the Community on Child Rights and working for the best interest of the child, conducting media talk shows to educate the community on child rights

Health Care

With lessons learnt from the recent lockdowns that restricted movement between local borders, the community must be empowered to locally produce face masks and other PPEs to prepare for further lockdown that may come. Instead of procuring face masks from urban areas, we need to establish a local based solution that will allow the community to produce their products to reduce all costs related to procurement from outside and to guarantee the production of face masks during the lockdown. Therefore, this is why this is our priority area of focus, Providing support to PMTCT HIV Mothers, Community Awareness, Provision of Mosquito net, Conducting community dialogue on health.


We provide access to clean energy to vulnerable community by providing solar lamp and solar systems, manage ewaste and, provide awareness to the community on how to recycle or manage ewaste, train the local youth and community on solar repair and maintenance and engage the community to document the climate change in their locality and provide a local solution towards the fight against Climate Change