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I CAN Children Won the Commendation Awards 2021

In an award organized by Funky Kids Radio an online radio in Australia, I CAN Children were awarded the Commendation Award for their contribution and work in the community

This award is the first of its kind to be won by the Children and it gives hope, build confidence, inspire the children to work hard towards creating a better everyday life for displaced children. 

I CAN Children participated in the World Environment Day and recorded a collabo song on environment featuring Claudia Guun. This collaboration brought in I CAN Children from Tambura, Yambio in South Sudan and children from Bidibidi in Uganda. The song was recorded locally using phone and was sent to New Zealand for final Editing and mixing

This award is dedicated to Unaccompanied Refugee Children, Internal displaced children and Returnee children around the world plus migrant children stuck at the borders and seas seeking for protection. The recognition of these children voice gives hope and echoes the silent voices of displaced children

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