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I CAN Children Yambio South Sudan Branch releases two audio music

On 10th May 2022, I CAN Children Yambio released their first audio songs Titled "We need Peace" and "Peace, Unity and Reconciliation." The two songs are a plea for Peace, Unity and Reconciliation from the children among who are mainly children who fled conflict from Tambura last year. 

I CAN South Sudan extended its work from Uganda to South Sudan in 2019 but all along they never had funding to have bigger impact of their work felt. However they conducted few community activity in a response to Covid-19 in 2020, distributing soap to hundred of children in Juba, Yambio, Ibba and Tambura. I CAN South Sudan started work in Yambio South Sudan in December 2021 with funding from Misereor Germany. 

The one year project funded by Misereor include, construction of Children Music Center, Advocacy on Children Rights on Anisa FM, Providing Livelihood support to single mothers by training and giving start up business capital to them and revival of the culture among children 

So far I CAN South Sudan have trained 15 single mothers and given them start up capital, the advocacy on Children Right is being run on Anisa FM, The construction of Children Music Center is ongoing and has reached the roofing and 100 vulnerable children are mobilized with the Help of Ministry of Gender, the RRC and the Community Leaders. These children are mainly IDPs from Tambura Crisis and they have inspired the lyrics of the two songs recorded.

These children are calling for peace, love and unity in South Sudan but in Tambura in specific. Listen to the song by clicking the ling here


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